Become part of the Digital help team. Do you want to help companies nów with your digital skills? Sign up to become a member of the Digital Helpteam!

Ik ben Drents Ondernemer (IBDO) is looking for volunteers that would like to support companies in these times with questions related to digitalisation and innovation. Think about questions like: Which webinar program would work best for me? Or, how do I set up an account on LinkedIn. You do not have to be a professional in order to be of help. What you will help with exactly will be based on the your own skillset. During your sign-up you can indicate what you would like to help with and for how much time. We will then match you with a company in consultation with you.

What do we ask from you as a member of the
digital help team?

• 2-6 hours of time to help a company, you can indicate yourself how much time you are available for helping companies
• Knowledge about digital tools, online marketing, data analysis, programming or other digital/innovative skills that can help companies now. You do not have to be an expert in a certain field, as long as you know more than a small company you are already of help!
• Indicate with what exactly you can help, so we can make a good match between you and the company
• Be willing to help the companies via Zoom/Skype/Phone/another digital method

What happens after you sign up?
• When a company signs up that matches your skill set, we will contact you via phone or email about this. IBDO asks if you are still willing to help and if you think that the company is indeed a good fit for your set of skills.
• You and the company decide on a time for a first online meet-up
• We are always available to help in the collaboration between you can the company. If we wanted we can for example be present in the first meeting that you have together.

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