Denis Banuoku

The world’s population will reach an estimated 10 billion by 2050. This comes with additional demand on the limited natural resources at our disposal. One of the many fallouts from this will be the need to feed everyone in a manner that does not further burden the environment.

Current agricultural practices are unsustainable if we are to grow enough food in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and socailly responsible manner. There is therefore the need for an innovative shift towards food production systems with a focus on less environmental impact and natural resource use.

Denis Banuoku
My name is Denis Banuoku and I am the founder/owner of GreenFresh Aquaponics. Aquaponics has evolved in recent years to become one of many innovative approaches towards sustainable food production with a lower environmental footprint compared to conventional agriculture. Aquaponics, in simple terms is food a production system that combines Aquaculture (raising fish) and Hydroponics (raising crops using mineral solutions) – but without the external mineral solutions/chemical fertilisers as seen in conventional farming and hydroponics.

In aquaponics, a circular, natural and symbiotic production system is provided whereby waste from fish is converted into nutrients that plants need for growth. In effect, plant roots take up these nutrients from the water leaving the water clean which is then returned to the fish. This provides a soil-less system of organic food production without the need for chemical fertilizers.

Apart from the fact that Aquaponics requires no chemical fertilizers thus making it possible to grow highly nutritious  chemical free crops, it has also been shown to use up to 95% less water, faster growth time and more yield than conventional agriculture.

At GreenFresh Aquaponics, we believe that everyone should be able to afford and have access to good quality nutritious food; grown sustainably without any further burden on the environment. We are on a mission to providing solutions to enable the people of the province of Drenthe (and other northen provinces) make healthy and concious choices about food and nutrition in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

We seek to have the first commercial aquaponics farm in Assen (and the Northern Netherlands) that will provide fresh, nutritious, high quality chemical free and locally grown vegetables and herbs for local businesses and the general public. Aquaponics as a platform is the perfect ecosystem for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and GreenFresh Aquaponics, with our modular systems/units, aims to provide fun and hands-on tools in teaching future generations about sustainability. Afterall, we believe there is no better way in securing the future than equiping the generations today.with education and innovation.

Denis & De OndernemersFabriek
De OndernermersFabriek provides a solid platform for GreenFresh Aquaponics to finetune our systems and solutions with a focus on quality. With the regular coaching and feedback sessions from the business development experts, it helps us as a start up to focus on delivering nothing but the highest quality in our services. Most importantly, it gives us access to a large network of partners and stakeholders with whom we engage to ensure we start off strong. Together with other motivated enterpreneurs, it is a space to sound-off ideas and encourage each other towards the growth of our individual enterprises.

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